Garage Door Panel Replacement

Garage Door Panel Replacement

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If you are looking around for garage door panels, you may begin to realize just how much of a challenge it can be to find an exact match. The panels make up the majority of the door itself. There are a garage door options and all have a different amount of panels, which make up the door.

It might be challenging because the panels may no longer be available by the manufacturer. As times evolve, there are advances that make it impossible to continue using the same materials. If something is found to work better, a manufacturer may then discontinue making a specific type of panel. With this being the case, it might make finding your panel a bit more challenging. Choosing the right panel for your garage may take a lot of time and effort. However, being made aware of certain things might make it easier to locate the exact panels needed for your door.

Useful Tips for Efficient Panel Replacement 

* Accurate measurements

Garage Door Panel ReplacementIf you want to save yourself the frustration of having to return panels that do not fit, make sure you accurately measure the broken panel. It is quit easy to get the correct measurements. Measure the existing panels to make sure they are the same as the ones you’ve recorded. Make sure both the width and length are the same as the other panels. This is just another way to check to make sure your measurements are accurate. It doesn’t hurt to allow someone else to also measure and then compare measurements.

* Panel Manufacturer

The simplest way to find your exact panel is to find out who the manufacturer of your panels is. You can find the exact model once you’ve identified who the manufacturer is of your current garage door panels. Don’t be upset if they tell you they no longer offer that model. They may have something comparable.

* Take a Photo

Taking a photo along to show the manufacturer what you are looking for could help move things along. To ensure you receive what you need, take a photo of the exact panels that need replacing. While the manufacturer will likely be able to let you know if they carry the panels from the model name and number, it could make things easier by providing them with a photo.

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