Protecting Your Garage Door Panels

Protecting Your Garage Door Panels

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Panel Painting

Protecting Your Garage Door PanelsWhat is the first thing to do after installing a new garage door? If your answer is taking a picture, you are wrong. You have to ensure that the unit will remain in good condition for years to come. That is why painting the panels right away is essential. This is applicable to the traditional steel and wood doors. You have to use exterior-grade paint which meets the requirements of the unit’s manufacturer. It is best to do the job on a warm sunny day to speed up the drying process. The panels should be cleaned beforehand, if needed. The most effective painting method involves covering the edges first and then filling the middle section. Just remember to test the paint first to be on the safe side. The door should be repainted regularly as part of regular maintenance.

Additional Measures

The weather seals and the bottom seal in particular, play a major role in protecting the panels from damage as well. They should be added right after the door’s installation. Generally, most modern units come with a bottom seal so you will just need to take care of the top and side ones. Worn seals should be replaced timely. It is easy to tell when this has happened - you will see daylight coming through the sides of the door. You should choose driveway and garage floor cleaners which are safe for the material which the door is made from. You should also clean any road salt on the floor timely as it can damage both the panels and the tracks. 

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