Common Garage Door Repairs

Common Garage Door Repairs

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The average residential garage doors will be opened 1,500 times in just one year. Though many doors are sturdy and seem to withstand the test of time, they still require maintenance or repair from time to time. Unfortunately, without maintenance, doors can break without a warning. This can be a cause of panic, especially when homeowners are storing their vehicle in the garage. Luckily, our emergency garage door company in Pflugerville will be able to fix your garage doors in a flash.

Parts and Labor Necessary for Repair

Common Garage Door RepairsWhen a residential garage door has a problem, it is likely one of three possible causes. These include broken garage door spring repair, cable replacement, and the garage door being off track. Each repair will have its own cost. When calculating the total cost of your repair, you will need to factor in the costs for parts and the cost of labor. If it is an emergency repair, there may be an additional fee for fast emergency service.

There are two types of repairs that are common for springs; garage door torsion spring repair and extension spring repair. When calculating the costs for spring repair, there are several variables to consider. The cost of parts will depend on the size and heaviness of the door, and the type of door that is being repaired. The length of time that the repair takes will also come into effect because the cost of labor is charged by the hour.

The remedies for a cable replacement or a door being off track are usually very similar. When a broken garage door cable replacement is being performed, the cost of the cable and any tools needed to install it is charged. The price for labor is included in this amount. Often, if the cable is broken the garage door will be off track. It is essential that you, as a homeowner, do not try to remedy this situation yourself. It can be very dangerous because the door may pinch your fingers, fall of the hinges, and cause other dangerous situations. The cost to repair a garage door off track also includes the price for labor by the hour. If it is the rollers or pulley system causing the problem, this will have a different cost because it requires different parts for replacement.

Emergency Repair Costs

In some cases, residential garage door owners do not notice there is something wrong with their door until it is too late. This can happen before work, before important appointments, and at other inconvenient times. In these instances emergency service may be the best course of action. Emergency services are available. They usually allow your garage doors to be repaired within just a few hours. These services are available on holidays, the weekends, and around the clock. The average cost for an emergency repair visit will be similar to, or slightly higher than that of the usual service fee.

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